Markins Media is more than just a video production company; we are a one-stop shop for a high quality video, marketing, and brand strengthening offered at a cost that is affordable to our local businesses. Our personable customer service allows us to truly understand your business, product, or event. But our work doesn’t stop after the videos completion. Our service also includes follow up in-person consultation with each client to discuss the best method of integration for their video into their current marketing plan. In some cases we helped our companies develop a plan from scratch. At Markins Media, we bring the professionalism of a Hollywood production to your doorstep! The quality and affordability of our video services and our personable customer service puts us above the corporate competition and is the reason we are able to convert so many first time clients into return customers. How can we bring high-quality video into your business and life?

Our mission is simple:

• Grow a business’ consumer market through the power of video marketing

• Connect non profit organizations with potential donors and supporters through fundraising videos

• Preserve and share your happiest memories in professional quality