Family Legacy Services


Video is the perfect way to share your family’s history, remember those who’ve passed on, and share memories with loved ones far away. Let us help tell your story.

Family Legacy videos make great gifts for any occasion. From moving and nostalgic reflections on the long life of a family elder on their birthday or tapestries of a larger family experience for a reunion, Family Legacy videos are always a great addition to the party.

Family Legacies

Every Family has a story! We usually hear them at holidays or reunions. Preserve those memories with one of our Family Legacy videos so your children and their children will have access to the same familial wisdom that you enjoy.

Our Family Legacy Video Biographies are a great way to pass down your family’s heritage to your children and grandchildren. Not only are these video biographies just as entertaining as those that you can see on the History Channel and A&E, but they are totally customizable. As your family member re-tells your heritage, we will weave in rich history through the incorporation of existing footage, old photos, home videos, magazine articles, and much more.

These personalized mini documentaries are the perfect gift for any celebration — holidays, anniversaries, or family reunions. And the best part is you get the digital file so no matter what technology has developed over the next 10 or 20 years your video can be passed on through the generations without becoming obsolete.

Don’t let your legacy fade away with time. Get a free quote for your Family Legacy Video Biography today and let us share your story.

Remembrance Videos

Combine memories of your loved ones in the form of photos, stories, and home movies in one heartwarming video for the entire family to cherish.

Remembrance Photo Montages

The passing of a loved one is a painful and sad time in anyone’s life. Our photo montages focus on celebrating the life your loved one lived. We’ll combine your favorite photos, black & white, Polaroid or digital, in movie form, with a music bed of your choosing at the funeral home during the wake or funeral. Your friends and family will smile and laugh as they share with each other the joyous memories these photos bring back.

Baby Showers / Gender Revealings

Congratulations your having a baby! Let us capture each moment as you and your friends and family celebrate this milestone.

Bridal Showers /Jack & Jills / Anniversaries / Birthdays

Want your party recorded without having to lug around the video camera or try to patch together cell phone footage from cousins and grandparents? Let us record it for you! We’ll edit your special day in the same way we edit our wedding videos including all the special moments, guest interviews, and candid family photos.