Every new product needs a video testimonial


Sep 2014

Every new product needs a video testimonial

Author: Mollie Markins


Because your customers want to be educated consumers.

Because they want confirmation that they are purchasing the right product.

Because they trust the opinions of other consumers.

But why a video?

Reading an anonymous quote on a website does not have the same effect as seeing a person on screen. Consumers can relate to seeing a person’s facial expressions, demographics, and body language. Consumers are more likely to connect with other consumers and trust the validity of their statements than they are a corporate message.

Video testimonials create a connection

Video testimonials sway customers like no other marketing strategy. That’s why companies have been airing infomercials for years!

Your customers want to know they are getting the best product for their money spent. If other people are raving about it then it must be worth their time and money to try it out.

Video testimonials are an important tool in marketing your product. They can improve your brand’s overall reputation and credibility amongst your customers. Contact us today for a consultation!


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