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Markins Media Awarded “Best New Business” Pillar Award


April 2015

Markins Media Awarded “Best New Business” Pillar Award

Author: Mollie Markins


This morning, at the Greater Salem Chamber of Commerce Economic Breakfast Markins Media was awarded the “Best New Business” Pillar Award. With our 2 year anniversary in business coming up this May we are truly honored to receive such a prestigious award from our local community! We would like to thank all the local businesses and non profits that have and continue to work with us through this journey! We are kicking it off with a bang and can’t wait to see what lies ahead!

Check out this great article that the University of New Hampshire Manchester wrote about Markins Media’s recognition.

UNH Manchester Alum Snags Best New Business Award
By Melanie Plenda
Friday, April 10, 2015

Mollie Markins’ mantra seems to be, “I can do that.”

After all, she had never worked in television but when the chance to intern at WMUR and Manchester Public Television came up, she thought, “I can do that.” When it came time to find work after college she was asked to do a promo video and though she only had a limited amount of experience, she said, “I can do that.” And when she was deciding whether she should start her own business at 23, she believed, “I can do that.”

And it’s that can do attitude and start up spirit that helped her video production company Markins Media earn a Business Pillar Award for Best New Business from the Greater Salem Chamber of Commerce. The award was given based on the company’s outstanding work in its industry and the community.

Markins will receive her award at a reception hosted during the Annual Economic Development Breakfast, Tuesday April 21 from 7:30 a.m.-10 am at Castleton Event Center in Windham.

Markins, a life-long resident of Salem, graduated from UNH Manchester in 2013 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts and a Minor in English. Markins says she specifically chose UNH Manchester because of the variety of hands on video, audio, and editing classes offered.

“It was just a really great experience,” she says of her time at UNH Manchester. “The small class sizes were perfect for me. I really felt I was able to make a good connection with the teachers and faculty.”

And with their support and her own initiative, she was able to garner prestigious internships at WMUR and Manchester Public Television. She also had a chance to do some filming for the Manchester Food Co-Op while still in school.

“I really developed my passion for video production while I was working on these side projects during my four years at UNH Manchester,” she says.

After graduation, she had a big decision to make. She knew she wanted to work in the video prodcution field, that was a given. Yet, conventional wisdom would dictate that if she really wanted to do that, she’d have to move to New York or LA. But a funny thing happened while she was trying to decide: she kept getting work, right here in New Hampshire.

“It just finally occurred to me, I could start my own production company and I don’t have to go to LA to do it,” Markins says.

Since then, her business has grown almost solely by word of mouth. In the past two years, she has done work for the Timberland Community Band, KliQet, Cucina Aurora and the University of New Hampshire.

Her company even snagged a first place honor from the Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce YouTube Video Awards for a video she created for the Home Health Foundation.

Markins says she prides herself on providing a quality of service to local residents, businesses, and non-profits that is not currently available.

“Over the years, as I’ve watched Salem grow as a town, I’ve met many of the local business owners and I noticed their greatest challenge in growing their company was keeping up with the latest and most effective method of advertising – Video,” she wrote in her nomination letter to the Salem Chamber. “The majority of video production companies are located as far as Boston, NY, and LA, charge costs that are unaffordable for most start-up and small businesses, and often leave their clients with a finished product that they are unsure of how to use effectively.

“I decided to take my passion for filmmaking and turn it into a business that is committed to the long-term success of not only our local companies but also our town as a whole. I would love to help Salem continue to grow into a profitable business community that new companies are eager to set up shop and develop the same pride to stay as I have.”

And her clients have taken notice of that spirit. Julie Weymouth, Founder and President, The Homeland Heroes Foundation, who has worked with Markins Media, commended Markins for understanding the importance of the work that HHF does.

“She has never wavered in her desire to do whatever we ask of her,” Weymouth wrote in her recommendation letter to the Salem Chamber.

She went on to say that as a fairly new entity, HHF not only needed to create a brand but also needed to present itself to the community in a professional manner.

“Because Mollie clearly understood those needs, and believed in our cause, without hesitation she stepped up to help us,” Weymouth wrote. “From creating promo videos, to taking photos, to coming to our fundraising events to collect video, Mollie has always said yes. In the world of nonprofits, it is not always easy to find individuals and or businesses that will remain by your side for the long-term.”

Markins is excited to continue growing her production company throughout the rest of new England and hopes to be working with international clients and offering destination wedding video packages in the next 2 years. You can find samples of her work at

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Every new product needs a video testimonial


Sep 2014

Every new product needs a video testimonial

Author: Mollie Markins


Because your customers want to be educated consumers.

Because they want confirmation that they are purchasing the right product.

Because they trust the opinions of other consumers.

But why a video?

Reading an anonymous quote on a website does not have the same effect as seeing a person on screen. Consumers can relate to seeing a person’s facial expressions, demographics, and body language. Consumers are more likely to connect with other consumers and trust the validity of their statements than they are a corporate message.

Video testimonials create a connection

Video testimonials sway customers like no other marketing strategy. That’s why companies have been airing infomercials for years!

Your customers want to know they are getting the best product for their money spent. If other people are raving about it then it must be worth their time and money to try it out.

Video testimonials are an important tool in marketing your product. They can improve your brand’s overall reputation and credibility amongst your customers. Contact us today for a consultation!


Why your business MUST start advertising with Video!


Sep 2014

Why your business MUST start advertising with Video!

Author: Mollie Markins

It’s becoming more and more common in today’s society that people are WATCHING more often than they are READING.

All types of businesses are taking advantage of this marketing medium as it is no longer only affordable for corporations to invest in video services. Small businesses, start ups, and even non profits are investing in video advertising to promote their services.

1. Videos increase conversion rates

Not only are 64%- 85% of people are more likely to purchase a service or product of yours after watching a video, on average, they will stay on your website 2 minutes longer when engaged with a video. (comScore)

Videos serve as a HUGE time saver to your customers. Companies lose potential customers every day on their website because they have to navigate through all the clutter to try to understand not only who your company is and what products you provide but also the quality of your services.

Engage your customers immediately by placing a promotional video on the top of your websites landing page like this one.

2. Videos make your brand a viral sensation!

68% of people who watch online videos will, in turn, share those links with their social networks. Word of mouth really is the best way to advertise your business and sell your product!

3. Videos improve SEO

Embedding a video on your site from YouTube gives you 53 times more change of becoming a front-page search result on Google (Forrester Research).

Just 3 simple reasons why EVERYONE needs a video!


3 Reasons You Should Budget for a Wedding Videographer!


Aug 2014

3 Reasons You Should Budget for a Wedding Videographer!

Author: Mollie Markins

When most Brides are planning out their wedding expenses, a photographer is always on top of the list of expenses but surprisingly videographers sometimes rarely even make it on the list of expenses. In many cases Brides think they don’t need a videographer if they are already getting photos – why spend the extra money?

My answer: There are many dimensions that a wedding film can provide that a photograph simply cannot.


Years from now, you’ll be able to reflect on what you sounded like when you gave your vows or watch your father choke on his words as he gives his toast. After watching your wedding video you’ll feel like it was just yesterday that you tied the knot!

My favorite part of recording audio is catching the groom at the alter telling his grooms men how nervous he is. That’s always a gem for a wedding video!


Our comprehensive wedding packages offer multiple cameras and videographers that allow us to capture multiple angles at once. Watch as we switch between your I Do’s and you parents tearing in their seats. Laugh as your flower girl shakes her moves on the dance floor when she thinks no one is looking. Your so busy running around thanking everyone for coming you won’t believe how much you actually miss.

Today’s camera equipment is light weight and easily mobile. Our videographers can move quietly around the room unobtrusively. Half the time my brides tell me they forget I’m even there.


Many brides think they can get away with having a family member record the ceremony for them on their smart phone. This places a lot of pressure on your loved one because they will be focusing on trying to get the best shot instead of paying attention to the ceremony.

A professional videographer will mic the groom or priest so that the vows can be recorded clear and crisp, they will scout out all the perfect locations for each part of the ceremony ensuring they capture the perfect shot, and they will edit all of the raw footage down into a 1-2 hour documentary or a 10 -15 minute recap that you will enjoy watching for years to come!

Photographers, videographers, and DJ’s all all important expenses to budget for when planning your wedding! They each serve bides in different ways but I wedding would not be complete without each. It’s hard to justify spending the money on all three services but you’ll be glad you did when you return from your honeymoon and the entire wedding day feels like a blur!

Check out our Wedding Videography Packages and portfolio and contact us for your next wedding!