3 Reasons You Should Budget for a Wedding Videographer!


Aug 2014

3 Reasons You Should Budget for a Wedding Videographer!

Author: Mollie Markins

When most Brides are planning out their wedding expenses, a photographer is always on top of the list of expenses but surprisingly videographers sometimes rarely even make it on the list of expenses. In many cases Brides think they don’t need a videographer if they are already getting photos – why spend the extra money?

My answer: There are many dimensions that a wedding film can provide that a photograph simply cannot.


Years from now, you’ll be able to reflect on what you sounded like when you gave your vows or watch your father choke on his words as he gives his toast. After watching your wedding video you’ll feel like it was just yesterday that you tied the knot!

My favorite part of recording audio is catching the groom at the alter telling his grooms men how nervous he is. That’s always a gem for a wedding video!


Our comprehensive wedding packages offer multiple cameras and videographers that allow us to capture multiple angles at once. Watch as we switch between your I Do’s and you parents tearing in their seats. Laugh as your flower girl shakes her moves on the dance floor when she thinks no one is looking. Your so busy running around thanking everyone for coming you won’t believe how much you actually miss.

Today’s camera equipment is light weight and easily mobile. Our videographers can move quietly around the room unobtrusively. Half the time my brides tell me they forget I’m even there.


Many brides think they can get away with having a family member record the ceremony for them on their smart phone. This places a lot of pressure on your loved one because they will be focusing on trying to get the best shot instead of paying attention to the ceremony.

A professional videographer will mic the groom or priest so that the vows can be recorded clear and crisp, they will scout out all the perfect locations for each part of the ceremony ensuring they capture the perfect shot, and they will edit all of the raw footage down into a 1-2 hour documentary or a 10 -15 minute recap that you will enjoy watching for years to come!

Photographers, videographers, and DJ’s all all important expenses to budget for when planning your wedding! They each serve bides in different ways but I wedding would not be complete without each. It’s hard to justify spending the money on all three services but you’ll be glad you did when you return from your honeymoon and the entire wedding day feels like a blur!

Check out our Wedding Videography Packages and portfolio and contact us for your next wedding!


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